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Meet the person behind Plant
Based Technologies

Product developer, strategist, home chef, nature & animal lover and coffee enthusiast

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Hello! My name is Thomas Bosson, founder of PBT and food technologist

I founded ‘Plant Based Technologies’ in 2021 with the goal to move green ideas forward.
I personally care a lot about our beautiful planet and the people and animals who inhabit it. It is our home and we are dependent on its functions. Human induced climate change is rapidly increasing, the landmass is rapidly degrading and the sixth mass extinction of species is happening right before our eyes. Enough reasons to worry, which can overwhelm and block people, companies and great initiatives. Where to start, where to look, what to do and how?!

Together we are going to face that mountain and break it into small boulders, so we can move your ideas forward. Bridging the gap between intention and action and develop some beautiful products that nourish our planet.

Check out my LinkedIn for more information about my background and career.

"The basic idea of development should be about advancing the richness of human life, rather than the richness of the economy in which human beings live"

- Prof. Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize winning economist


Taking a systems thinking approach while focusing on closing local cycles, designing out waste and animals from the
supply chain and supporting the transition from animal proteins to plant-based proteins.

How can I assist you?

What Clients Say

"Being a start-up doing business in the circular economy or any type of economy for that matter gives rise to lots of challenges like setting up contracts or rolling out new products and services. Plant Based Technologies helps Kwekersgilde in the transformation of fuzzy ideas to specific and tangible goals and attaining positive outcomes with a high rate of success."
Patrick Asmawidjaja, Founder Kwekersgilde
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Check out my interview at LaatBloeien (Dutch only)

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