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Business Strategy Kwekersgilde

Kwekersgilde is an urban regenerative farm in Dordrecht on a continuous journey to find new opportunities to turn trash into treasure and connect people by making locally produced food available through regenerative agriculture. 

For this project, Plant Based Technologies formed a long term partnership to understand, detail and streamline the business strategy of Kwekersgilde. Forming a solid foundation and clear compass for future activities and goals. This new strategy was then incorporated and communicated into a corporate brochure and the content for the website.

My contribution to this project

  • Long-term strategy development

  • Mission and vision creation

  • Integration of Sustainable Development Goals

  • Formation of ABP 2022

  • New contractual inclusion of partnerships

  • Income diversification

  • Content creation for website and brochure

  • All graphic work on brochure

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