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Kwekersgilde B2C microgreens food concept grown in a vertical farm

Kwekersgilde is an urban regenerative farm in Dordrecht. Following its mantra:
Reduce, Replace, Re(de)fine, Kwekersgilde is on a continuous journey to find new opportunities to turn trash into treasure and connect people by making locally produced food available through regenerative agriculture. 

About this project

Difficult times created by the COVID-19 pandemic, forced Kwekersgilde to navigate through unknown waters. Searching for a way to move their products directly to the homes of the end user (B2C), since the B2B-retail dried up when restaurants and lunchrooms closed.

Plant Based Technologies created a concept for Kwekersgilde that was able to fit this gap in line with KG's business philosophy and pandemic-induced market trends, with B2B scalability in the future. By expanding the current hospitality (bulk) range of microgreens, creating pre-packed portion size amounts and making the products directly available through their own webshop, the 'Tinies' found their way into your homes. As a spin-off, the expanded range of Tinies also created a rumble within the hospitality industry after the lockdown was lifted and they will continue to form the foundation of a lot of other new concepts. 


The Tiny Twelve takes a variety of twelve different microgreens straight from the vertical farm to your kitchen counter at home. The ‘Tinies’ are offered through their webshop and brought to local pick-up points in Dordrecht, to keep the food chain short and products fresh. For the hospitality industry a variety of delivery options are available, including already harvested and packed ‘Tinies’.

A vertical farm enables the growth of crops indoors in vertically stacked plateaus, with the usage of LED lamps and (better) climate control. The biggest benefit of vertical farming, apart from the reduced usage of water and power, is the efficient cultivation in terms of square meters. On just 1 m2 Kwekersgilde can grow 25,2 kilograms of microgreens! This production quantity only uses 42 kilograms of soil, of which 50% comes from their own mushroom production as a residual flow (‘waste’).

In short, 1 kilogram of ‘new’ soil can produce 1,2 kilograms of microgreens per square meter!

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My contribution to this project

  • Concept creation

  • Content creation for website and social media, o.a.

  • Development and Launch plan

  • Taste descriptions for website

  • DTP for POS materials (printable flyer o.a.)

  • Arranged 'Taking care' visuals made by third party

Browsing the Tinies

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